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Choosing the right security vendors

Choosing the right vendors is really the most important part of business security purchases. In most cases, the hardware, like cameras, electronic locks, and motion detectors, is fairly straightforward. One brand may have certain features another lacks, or be more reliable, but generally they all get the job done. What matters more is the vendor who installs and manages the system.

Security purchases are not cash-and-carry transactions: at a minimum, you'll want professional installation of your equipment. For many types of security systems, an ongoing maintenance contract is essential – even more so for burglar and fire alarms, where the monitoring company provides much of the value of the system. Because of all this, you should really try to choose a vendor that you can work with easily and create a good relationship with them.

To find the most qualified dealer for your security needs, you should talk to at least 3 or 4 vendors. We can help! We'll put you in touch with the best vendors in your area – free. Get started now:

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Once you contact the suppliers, here are some signs to look for that indicate they might be a good choice for a long-term relationship:

  • Good word-of-mouth. Talk to businesses like yours and see who they use, or if they know of the company you're considering.
  • Positive customer references. You should call several of their current customers and ask if they're happy with their purchases.
  • Stability. Look for a company that's been in business for years and has an experienced staff of salespeople and technicians.
  • Thorough sales process. Pay attention to how the salesperson treats you. Does he listen to your needs and make thoughtful recommendations, or just try to sell you a overpowered system to make a better commission? The best companies will provide you with several options.

When choosing a supplier to install a security system, we recommend that you check out their facilities to get a sense of their operation. Fly-by-night operators sometimes sell cheap security systems out of a warehouse or even the back of a truck, hoping to make a quick buck. If you can check out the office and the shop and see that the business is well-staffed and operated, you can feel better about moving forward with your purchase.